Our coffee comes from various regions on the “coffee belt” north and south of the equator. Customers can choose from some of the best regions in the world, with unique estate coffees from El Salvador, Columbia, Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil. Our selections have a wide range of profiles and each bean tells the story of its individual farm. Below you will find descriptions of a selection of our espresso coffees and what you can expect when you sit down to a cup of one of our craft coffees. 

Our Espresso Beans

KhanyaCoffee_004HR trop red.jpg
Tropical Red

This Full Bodied coffee has a vibrant acidity and a creamy rich texture. Dark chocolate, cherry and hints of macadamia nut saturated in a natural sweetness. This coffee has a unique flavour , deep red Crema and it works perfectly in all speciality coffees.

GT 18 2-star.jpg

Origin : El Salvador
Variety/Species : Red Bourbon

3020.Rio Verde-1.jpg
Rio Verde

This Coffee Presents a uniform cup quality, refined citric acidity , creamy body and a pronounced Caramel taste. Here you have the combination of full aroma, ripe tropical citrus top notes and a lingering finish that saturates the palate moments after consumption. This has been described as the champagne of coffees.

rain forest alliance.png

Origin: Brazil

Varietal/Species: Yellow Catuai (Rainforest Alliance Certified)

KhanyaCoffee_001HR Yirgacheffe.jpg

The washed Yirgacheffe is one of the best highland-grown coffees. It has fine soft acidity, heavy body, and flavour. Many people are attracted to its delicate, floral, and tea-like characteristics. This coffee cups beautifully  as a single origin ,while complex , it produces a very clean cup of excellence  with distinct tea-like ,floral and fruity tones  complimented with some delightful citric lemon undertones.

GT 18 1-star.jpg

Origin : Yirgacheffe  Ethiopia Single Origin Roast

Varietal/Species : Arabica Typica

KhanyaCoffee_003HR capcan.jpg

Our Secret Blend encompassing 3 continents. With a combination of Sweet Citrus and rich Nutty flavours from the Americas, a balanced acidity from Indonesia to include floral notes of Africa roasted to enhance  all the flavours without overpowering the cup creating a taste profile of distinction. We achieved a flavour which gave us our proud special blend by endless testing with a variety of roast profiles until we found the perfect sweet spot.

GT 18 1-star.jpg

Origin : Global south coffee's from Indonesia,Costa Rica,Columbia and Africa.

Varietal/Species : Arabica Typica


A Very balanced coffee with cinnamon, brown sugar, chocolate caramel notes and sweet herbs with a pleasant drying aftertaste. Produces a beautiful butterscotch, cinnamon and maple aroma. Red loamy soil in the area coupled with heavy rainfall at certain times of year provides excellent conditions for the cultivation of this Kenyan variety known for its distinctive body and acidity. 


Origin : Kenya

Varietal/Species : Single Origin Arabica

KhanyaCoffee_002HR Rwandan.jpg

This fine Rwanda coffee offers a silky, creamy body along with the floral notes and a beautifully balanced acidity . The aroma may provide hints of lemon and orange blossom with floral notes complementing the sweet citrus qualities with hints of caramel in the aftertaste. The sweet flavours of a good Rwandan Bourbon Coffee are suggestive of caramelized cane sugar along with spice notes of clove, cinnamon and allspice and rose floral aromas. The buttery creaminess of the body carries into the aftertaste.

GT 18 2-star.jpg

Origin : Rwandan region Africa

Varietal/Species : Single Origin Arabica

3020.Mexican m-1.jpg

Our Mexican El Jaguar comes from a group of small farm producers in a single Rain Forest area and is harvested and processed by hand. 

This Mexican coffee boasts a cinnamon aroma, and a body that's full of sweetness, including the flavours of Chocolate caramel, nuts, vanilla and tangerine and a beautiful citric acidity.


Origin : Chiapas Mexico

Varietal/Species :Arabica/Catuai, Caturra and Bourbon. Blended at source.