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“Khanya means ‘the beginning of light’, but it also represents what we hope to provide our customers. We offer consistent quality currently absent from the marketplace, and our customer service ensures everybody wins. We will be a breath of fresh air to the coffee industry. ”

— Terry Behan, CEO Khanya Craft Coffee

How We Do It


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Single Origin and Blends

Or mission is quite simply to seek out single origin coffees with a unique flavour profile that will suit all tastes and create a consistent quality experience. 

We strive to find hidden gems that allow us to develop unique profiled coffees in both single origin and blended coffees. 

It is an art to find single origin coffees that will stand alone in all coffee formats as the coffee has to work in all speciality coffee beverages. 

When we find quality coffee that has a beautiful flavour but does not stand alone, we blend some collectively to create a balanced punchy blend of distinction.




As a Craft company we are motivated to challenge the norm and we constantly seek out single origin coffees from across the coffee belt to bring some unique flavours and coffees to the Irish Market. 

We have focused on perfecting single origin Arabica coffees of the highest grades by multiple test roasting and profiling to ensure consistency in cup and to ensure we have hit the optimum sweet spot of a particular coffee. 

We aim offer a variety in choice, meeting customer and consumer expectations. 

Our coffees are selected from a single origin, a farm that has a unique taste profile and only the highest grades. We offer single-origin coffees from Brazil, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Costa Rica Nicaragua and Indonesia to name a few, allowing customers to choose from many flavour profiles and to understand the story behind each individual farm.

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Grade 1 Arabica

​We use only top quality "Grade 1" Arabica beans. Our team of Irish Master Roasters secure raw green coffee beans after rigorous sample roasting to reach the desired quality. We are innovators on the pulse of trends in the industry, able to respond to the ever-changing market to ensure only the finest beans pass our tests.



We use technology to ensure consistent optimal taste profile complemented by individual taste experts. Our master roasters have refined the science, considering elements such as roast times and temperatures, roast variances and temperature to achieve the desired percentage extraction. With decades of experience in the industry, our process resembles that of a fine art.

Great Taste Awards

We are thrilled to announce that we recently received 4 Great taste awards for our coffees in Espresso and Filter Coffee formats.

The awards bolstering the quality of our coffees and Complimenting the rigorous research and testing approach we have taken to develop our craft coffees .

Our passion and desire to create coffees of distinction came to fruition at our 1st attempt and we are excited and humbled by the experience.

We were also thrilled to find out that we took home the most awards in Ireland and among our peers.

The demand for quality in Ireland is evident and there are some great coffees being produced around the country and we are happy to contribute to an ever challenging market.

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Our coffee satisfies the increasingly sophisticated Irish coffee consumer at an affordable price. Local master roasters have ensured only the best flavour profiles.

We offer a full support package to our clients that includes equipment, training, and profit plans. In addition we provide advice and continuous support to ensure consistency and satisfaction. 

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Our coffee will be bolstered by top notch customer service including training, quality audits, and service support. We provide ongoing support by visiting our customers regularly, driving promotions, offering seasonal drinks, and ensuring they avail of every opportunity to increase revenue.We will on the pulse of trends within the industry and we will bring innovation and drive bespoke solutions  where required.